11th January 2010

"I hear and forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand."
Confucius, Spring and Autumn Period.

This would have to be one of my favourite sayings! It is how I learn, even if I remember, I do not always know but if I understand, then I understand and it is like a key turning 1000 locks simultaneously and I am flooded with a peaceful knowledge... it calms the stomach, it releases any knots and it lets me know that I am not stupid after all! The first time I ever heard this was when Wayne Dyer quoted it, and that was years ago that I heard it... and I have never, never forgotten it . So thank you Wayne and thank you Confucius!

Again, please feel free to comment and/or rate this blog! I am learning something new everyday, and today it is not to be ashamed to ask - nor to forget the reason why! So that I will know that perhaps I have helped someone, given them a giggle or a ahhhh moment... but then, the main reason I am doing this blog is for me! That is what is most important, aye?!! It is always a lovely feeling to be acknowledged!


  1. Cool... a rating system!!!! Love the "can I jump off the fridge now" one... that's what happens when you're laughing sooo much that for some unknown reason you've climbed on top of it. You have no choice but to end up jumping off cos its too high to climb down... xx GG

    ps... but I could be wrong... its happened before! So I've checked "smile" too :D

  2. hello from another GC girl - now following your blog - love the positive messages :)