24th February 2010

And another day! And where did that month go? Well, I think I have been going around in ever decreasing circles until I have slowly disappeared up my own ... vortex! Maybe I had better poke my head out today and say something!
To be honest, I have been living in fear, living in fear of expressing what emotions I have been feeling, in order not to feel them! But I sort of get the feeling that that plan is not working! Obviously! So my daily positive today is that am feeling hurt by the actions of someone whom I thought I could trust, and who I thought I could rely on. Unless, as a bloke, they really do not want to say goodbye, just drop off the face of the earth, so to speak. My choice today? I can accept either of those realities and move on! OK, here goes....
I hurt. I feel as though I have been kicked in the stomach and dragged through the virtual sky by my soul, which I, unwittingly, revealed. I am very good at hiding myself! But thank you to that person, without him, I would not be here now, writing this, and funnily enough, not feeling too strange about it! And thank you to the person who encouraged me back here, without even realising that she has done that! Well, I have told her that she has but she didn't know until I told her and I have a firm belief that if people do something good, and do something that we (as spiritual beings having a human experience) appreciate, well, myself, I like to say thank you and let them know that they have made a difference in someone's life - a POSITIVE difference!

And that is enough rabbiting for me today! And Keeping It Simple Stupid, no images today! :)

Thanks SO much for actually reading this far! Vicki :)